Privacy Policy

Our Policy
We appreciate your support and we strive to maintain honorable working relationships with our customers. Mi.chi.mi is committed to protecting our customers' privacy and security. We do not share your information outside our organization or sell your information to third parties.

Visitor Information
We collect the following information from visitors to our website:

Visitors to our site:

The Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of visitors to our site
The email addresses of those who communicate with us via email or create accounts on our site

Compiled information about what pages website users access or visit
User-specific information on what pages website users access or visit, the time they visit and the duration of their stay
This information is used to improve the content and usability of our website.

Visitors who send inquiries to us via our website:

Names and email addresses of site visitors who contact us
Any other information provided by contacts about the nature of their inquiry
The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the contact
The website referrer that explains how the contact found our site
We use this information to respond to inquiries and improve the substance and usability of our website.

Visitors who purchase items at

Names and contact information of site visitors
Order, billing, and shipping information
Note: We do not store credit card information on this site.

We use this information to:

Process payments and ship orders
Respond to inquiries
Determine additional items that may be added to our future product offering
Generate site and product performance reports for Mi.chi.mi use only

To transfer visitor information, Mi.chi.mi uses standard encryption technologies. As we transfer sensitive data (such as financial or contact information) we use a secure server that prevents third parties from intercepting and interpreting the data.

Customer information that we maintain is stored on secure servers with access limited to staff members who have a need to interact with the machines or the information stored on them. Remote access is encrypted to prevent third parties from intercepting and interpreting the data.

Mi.chi.mi is committed to adhering to and remaining informed of all applicable federal and state laws relating to maintaining a compliant internet presence.