About Us


Born in the last year of the disco decade, Michelle (aka Michi) has always been influenced by the groovy sounds of the seventies, the awesome synth pop of the eighties and the often underrated styles of hippie angst rock of the 90’s. Always an adventurer, her constant drive to learn, live and create, has given of her a unique voice in designing authentic, eco-chic pieces of jewelry. 

Mi.chi.mi combines the duality of raw imperfect metals formed into edgy, luxurious, one of a kind pieces. Each one off piece is created by Michelle to be modern, effortlessly minimalistic, yet stylish and unique from all others. Mi.chi.mi features the beauty of natural, rough metal materials hammered, stamped, textured, bent and distressed to show off earthy, bohemian style at heirloom quality.

Mi.chi.mi is based in the breezy island of Puerto Rico where the energetic city life coexists with the calming (but fun!) beachy Caribbean way of life.